Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wet Proofs!

So being new to this whole "Publishing" thing, there were a lot of things we had to learn about.

One of them was the proofing process! We ordered a full set of digital proofs and wet proofs. Wet proofs are exactly what the book would come out looking like.

We got a package last week, and in that package were three items, Ozalids (which are cut pages bound with staples in a similar way for the book, Digital proofs, (which were actually printed on sheets of paper, uncut) and three copies of our ordered wet proofs.

The color difference between the digital and wet proofs was there, but not too terrible. Overall we were pretty happy with how they turned out.

We had to get a small overall color shift towards blues because many of the wet proofs were shifting a tad too warm, and a few specific artists decided to go back and edit their files for printing (Printing processes don't seem to like things that are close in value and very dark)

We're still learning about somethings, but it seems that in this instance you have to live and learn :)

We're getting closer folks!


  1. Make sure to post on twitter if you have any copies left after Comic Con! So many of us that can't be there to visit this year to support everyone.

  2. Wow! Exciting. Can't wait to see the final product.