Wednesday, April 14, 2010



We are proud to announce, that this year at comic con 2010, the Visual Development team at Disney Feature Animation has begun to put together their own anthology of completely original artwork, titled "Pecknpaw and the Black Mirror."

We hope to see you at comic con! Come over and meet the artists and pick up a copy!

List of participating artists

Bill Schwabb
Danniel Arriega
David Wormersley
Doug Rogers
Justin Cram
Jeff Turley
James Finch
Kevin Nelson
Lorelay Bove
Mac George
Mike Gabriel
Paul Felix
Raffaello Vecchione
Scott Watanabe
Shiyoon Kim
Victoria Ying

With additional Pinups by
Bill Perkins
Britney Lee
Claire Keane
Jim Finn
Jin Kim


  1. Oh shucks. Is there a possibility of purchasing the book after the con? I would LOVE to get one!

  2. I'd love to buy a copy of the book too. But im stuck behind my animation desk in London :( Will you be selling the book after Comic Con?

  3. Need one! Hopefully some will be available outside of Comic Con. THANKS!

  4. Oh how I miss Comic-con! Seems I will be unable to go AGAIN. LeSigh. I shall miss meeting all the artists and asking questions. I hope to get a copy by some other means of acquisition. (Its getting late and I'm typing oddly) I keep hearing inklings of this book across many RSS feeds.