Thursday, May 13, 2010


Hey Folks!

A little inspiration from the great Danny Arriaga above to kick things off!

One thing that might be suprising for those of you who may consider self publishing a book will be the amount of JUNK MAIL you get! I have a feeling that they got my address from the company that sells you ISBN numbers (there's only one)

But I can tell you that I've been inundated with postcards telling me that they could get me on Oprah to promote the book, or with postcards from printing companies telling me how low their costs are. Which makes me think that perhaps some people get an ISBN before they even get a printer!

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  1. Cool! Thanks for the post! Danny Arriaga's sketches are great. I know that you are getting a lot of junk mail, but how cool would it be if you DID get to go on Oprah. "Everybody look under your seats for your copy of Peck n Paw And the Black Mirror"!